supportRound-ups, Targets and Boosters

Round-ups, Targets and Boosters

What is a Round-up?

A ‘round-up’ is digital spare change calculated by rounding-up your daily transactions to the nearest dollar. For instance, if you buy a coffee for $3.80, Wisr App rounds-up the transaction to $4.00 and accumulates the extra $0.20 to put towards your debt.

Where does the Round-up money come from?

Your round-ups are withdrawn once a week (when the accumulated total is at least $5.00), from your registered Funding Account that you nominated when you set up your account. Even if you select multiple credit or debit cards for Wisr to track your round-ups from, Wisr will only withdraw money from your registered Funding Account.

Is there a limit to the number of accounts I can round-up from?

No. You can connect any number of credit or debit card accounts to calculate your round-ups from.

Is there a minimum Round-up amount required to create an account?

No, there is no minimum required. All Wisr accounts start with a balance of $0.00 with the first round-ups usually calculated within 24 hours of creating your account with Wisr and registering a Round-up account.

Can I turn my Round-ups off?

Yes, you have an option to turn-off your round-ups for 30 days or turn them off completely. You can do this by opening the menu from within your app, and accessing ‘Settings’. You can activate your round-ups again at any time. Turning off your round-ups will not affect any money currently held by Wisr on your behalf, this will be paid to your Debt Account.

How do I set up my Round-up Account?

The app will prompt you to set up your Round-up Account when you first register for an account with Wisr. You can also set up or change your Round-up Account by opening the menu from within your app, and selecting ‘My Account’.

My financial institution isn’t showing up in your list.

Wisr doesn’t support all financial institutions at this stage. We’re continually refining this list and if it’s an Australian financial institution, please send us feedback at

Is there a limit to how much I can Round-up?

Yes. The minimum round-up value required for Wisr to withdraw each week is $5.00, and the maximum amount per week is $250.00. Remember you can always pay down your debts directly also. Check with your financial institution for more information if that’s what you want to do.

Why can’t I see my transactions?

If you cannot see your transactions, it may be because your account is not fully set up yet. Make sure you have all three Accounts (Round-up, Funding and Debt) set up.

What is a weekly Target and how do they work?

Your weekly Target is the round-up amount needed each week to reach the overall goal you set yourself. Let’s say you have a goal to pay down $1,200 off your credit card balance over 12 months, the app will work out your weekly target ($23.07) and encourage you to meet this target each week. If you fall behind or round-up more, Wisr App automatically adjusts the amount for the remaining weeks, so you know how you’re tracking against the goals you’ve set. The Target is a goal and not a prediction and results are only estimates; actual amounts paid down may be higher or lower depending on your personal circumstances.

I’ve reached my target, what now?

First of all, well done! That’s a huge achievement. Now you can nominate a new Target and start again to pay more off your current debt, or you can set up another Debt Account via ‘My Account’ in the settings panel of the menu (if you have more debt). Alternatively, if you’re one of the lucky ones who is currently debt free, you can link a savings account instead of a Debt Account, and use the app to round-up extra savings. You will also need to set a new weekly Target.

What is a Booster and why would I use it?

A Booster is a voluntary extra contribution you can make to top-up your weekly round-ups. You can use it to help reach your weekly Target and make extra repayments toward your debt. Remember, Wisr App is best used alongside your regular debt repayments, rather than as a replacement for them.

Why can’t I add a Booster?

There may be one of several reasons why you can’t add a Booster to your account. If you haven’t completed your account set up you won’t be able to add a Booster, as Wisr does not know where to withdraw or deposit your round-ups. It may also be because you’ve reached the maximum Booster amount of $40 for the day. If none of these reasons sound like they apply to your account, get in touch with us at

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